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Individuals, Pairs, Teams, and Groups
Emotional Intelligence: effectively understanding oneself and the impact your behavior has on others; the ability to manage ones own behavior; and access, express and use emotions in a productive way. Social Intelligence: building on emotional intelligence, social intelligence includes effectively interacting with others while accurately identifying their emotions; employing empathy; gaining cooperation; and understanding and implementing social cues. Relationship Systems Intelligence: incorporating emotional and social intelligence, this level of awareness includes recognizing oneself as a part of something bigger than just the interactions with others; recognizing the larger paradigm systemically.

At M@W, we are able to meet your needs. For some it may mean individual or executive coaching, for others it may mean working with pairs or teams, and for some, coaching on an organizational level will assist the transformation of change. With training from the Coaches Training Institute and CRR Global, we are educated, trained, and prepared for the job whether the work is with front line staff, middle management teams, senior executives, key stakeholders, or all of the above. Our expertise in relationship coaching will serve you.

Working with Employees
We pay close attention to research that shows most employees are not fully engaged in their jobs.*

Why do we pay attention?
Because we know accountability doesn't happen without engagement. If your organization is committed to maximizing your greatest asset—your people—then you also believe engagement and accountability are crucial lifelines to success. We help you protect and grow those lifelines.

What's the big picture?
We align potential with performance: we work with your staff to find the important intersections between your company's values and priorities, and their personal values and priorities. We help your people not only improve their communication skills, but invest in building and sustaining a culture of cooperation. All of which leads to increased performance and productivity.

How do we do it?
By taking your company's goals and values as a starting point, and employing coaching techniques that inspire your people to identify the synergy between what's important to them and what's important for your organization, we help your staff reframe their commitment and contribution to the company as commitment and contribution to themselves, their career and life goals. This isn't about teaching new skills (or isn't only about that)—it's about refocusing your people's attention from what they do to why they do it. Or put another way—it's about the shift from doing something to wanting to do something.

What are some other benefits?
We help you differentiate between untapped potential and members of your staff who are unwilling or unable to increase their engagement and performance. Plus, your staff gets the benefit of connecting their growth, not only to their role as employees, but also to their lives as individuals. It's a win-win partnership.

What's our style?
Our style of coaching is aimed at promoting the ongoing self-directed learning, professional development, and personal growth of the client. It is geared toward asking the right questions, not simply giving people answers. It is a process focusing on constructing lasting solutions and goal attainment, not simply assessing where the problems came from. It is a process geared toward reaching higher levels of awareness and skill that can be applied to all the different areas of one's life.

It's been such a pleasure getting coached by Allison. Her passion and enthusiasm for her work shows in each of our sessions. She's helped me to truly believe that I can have and be anything I desire in life. I can tell that she genuinely cares about seeing me succeed and she does an amazing job at keeping me focused on obtaining the goals I've set for myself. I would highly recommend her services to anyone that would like to grow as an individual.
-M. Blevans
Boulder, CO

*Based Towers-Perrin Global Workforce Study (2007) and Gallup data.
Working with Individuals, Teams & Groups

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