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Allison has a superb capacity for organization and a highly personable approach. She combines these skills with a well-refined understanding of how to manage recruitment of key leaders for extremely sensitive diplomatic assignments within our organization to get solid results. Our organization has used Allison's services multiple times and I am sure we will do so in the future. I would be glad to act as a personal reference for her.
-D. Crocker SCO
U.S. Embassy, Panama

The assessment was professionally conducted, meticulously organized and implemented so well that there was nary a "hiccup" throughout the process. I came away from the experience extremely impressed with Allison's organizational skills, her ability to manage diverse and strong personalities, and her professionalism, all while maintaining a pleasant and upbeat demeanor. I wouldn't hesitate to deploy her in this circumstance, or to engage her in any project that involves the development of criteria, assessment of candidates and the selection of talent to exacting standards.
-Perry Newman
President, Atlantica Group

I have worked with Allison as a private sector member of the US Dept of Commerce's selection team for foreign service posts applicants. Allison managed to train the selection team and then to process 84 applicants all within a seven-day period. She was extremely organized, very professional and produced impressive results. I give her company and her capabilities my highest recommendation.
-Rhett Willis
President/CEO DJ Powers Co.

Truly transformational!! Because of my work with Allison, I discovered my passion and had the courage (and accountability) to choose a new direction for my life and career...
-L. Boissiere
Madison Small Business Solutions, LLC

Allison is one of those compassionate & insightful practitioners who takes active listening from a skill to a way of being. The result? She gently guided me to deeper self-understanding and helped inspire new directions in my professional and personal life.
-Rhona Berens, Ph.D.

"It has been my good fortune to have worked with Allison Brenner. I have both observed and been the recipient of her knowledge, patience, and insight when addressing challenging situations, not only on a personal level but also in business relationships. The positive outcome is a result of her unique perspective, powerful resolve and attentive listening skills."
-Harriet Gettleman
President Realtime Center For Learning, Inc. Realtime Captioning, LLC

I don't know how you were able to maintain your composure in the midst of the ever-changing landscape … the barrage of questions and the surprise factors that seemed to surface, but you did a splendid job, and I commend you on your professionalism, organizational and interpersonal skills. …It was a pleasure to have met you and worked with you …You are a model of composure, discipline and sheer intelligence.
-M.L. Landgraf
Landgraf Consulting, South Carolina

Allison brings passion and imagination to coaching. In six months of working with her, she helped me to clarify goals, values, and perceived limitations, and frequently challenged my previously held assumptions. Her coaching was instrumental in helping me to accomplish several important goals in the past year, including starting my own architecture practice. I would highly recommend Allison to anyone who is ready to surpass their expectations of themselves.
-J. Lepicovsky

It's been such a pleasure getting coached by Allison. Her passion and enthusiasm for her work shows in each of our sessions. She's helped me to truly believe that I can have and be anything I desire in life. I can tell that she genuinely cares about seeing me succeed and she does an amazing job at keeping me focused on obtaining the goals I've set for myself. I would highly recommend her services to anyone that would like to grow as an individual.
-M. Blevans
Boulder, CO

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